72 & 300 DPI

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Stories; are best told through a cohesive relationship between imagery; kinetic and/or static, with legible typography. Beginning, middle, end. ACT I, ACT II, ACT III. Foreground, middle ground, background. Pre-Production, Production, Post Production. Creative, shoot, post. Planning, capturing, compositing. Design Thinking, studio/location equipment, Adobe Creative Suite. Vision, sound, delivery.             

WELCOME to my online presence as artist 'sayitwithpixels'. This space has been created to share my portFOLEYo and creative process. My passion for creative communication began in high school and has continued throughout my academic and professional experiences. The content highlighted in this portfolio represents the evolution of my creative talents and use of analog & digital software and hardware.

. . . more work samples are posted everyday and not all of my work can be posted. Contact me with any further questions.

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