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Identify your corporate media needs with the resources below.

I. Corporate Media - kôr′pər-ĭt mee-dee-uh;
Corporate media is simply private mass media that is controlled by a corporation as opposed to individuals. Unlike public media, private media is distinctly for profit. Private media is sustained by commercial revenue.

II. Methodologies
a. Media Literacy
b. Radio
c. Television
d. Print
e. New Media
f. Social Media

III. Deliverables
a. Project Planning
b. Internal - R & D 
c. External - Marketing Content

IV. Process & Tools
a. Design Thinking
b. Research & Development
c. Brand Strategy
d. Transmedia Storytelling
e. Content Creation
f. Social Account Creation
g. Distribution Scheduling
h. Metrics and Analytics

V. Submit Project Brief



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